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Limited Edition


23" x 35"
Original Hand Painted
& Silk Screened Print


Up for sale is this one of a kind and painted silkscreen print. The background for the piece is first hand painted then the silk screened image is skimmed on to create this unique piece. The print is labeled VARIATION 39/200 and is signed by the artists WARHOLA/MOGUSH. The print depicts a copy of the USA Today paper with Andy Warhol as their cover story on the day he died.

Martin Warhola is the Pop Icon Andy Warhol's nephew and a fellow artist. With his collaborator and artistic partner William Mogush they create silkscreens that remind many of us of their artistic brethren's own works.

Meet the artists Martin Warhola and William Mogush with the purchase of their most famous print. Spend a pleasant afternoon or evening with dinner, a tour of the Warhol or Carnegie Museums, signed photos of the artists, and with the artists, DVDs of their ground-breaking work, and possible meeting with other Warhol family members.

Currently this print is available on Ebay through or you may contact us at 1800-536-2367 or email warhola/mogush




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