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Welcome to Warhola Mogush

Martin Warhola is the nephew of the great American artist Andy Warhol.  Warhol once told his nephew to go into business, saying it was more exciting than art.  Thru a collaboration with Bill Mogush, an accomplished artist graduating from Carnegie Mellon, they paint on the same canvas together and react to each other's creativity.

The destruction of art by fire draws attention to the idea and not the object of financial worth conveying it.  Photographic documentation will secure the idea for consideration.  All art eventually passes away.

They do not destroy all of their art and some is available for resale, as well as the videos.  Further, they can also help make your art become famous and document its creation and destruction.  Imagine your art being destroyed by the famous Warhola and Mogush team.

They also are considering the sale of the entire "Crash and Burn" collection as a single  collection to preserve the original retrospective idea.


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